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Briefer: Gentlemen, your instructor, the finest repository of useless information the Pentagon can buy, callsign "Data" [Data Dowden was one of the best EWOs I flew with, and man did he know every beep and squeak.  Named after the Star Trek robot.]

Data: As you can see the Superior Valley Nitnoy [a small practice emitter of little training use other than to provide a signal] is different from the SA-20 in power, PRF, freq, range, EMCON procedures, ease of detection, and of course, it doesn't shoot at you. For our purposes, however, it's perfect [standard]. Of course, the 47 [APR-47 radar homing system] ranges better on the SA-20...

Mav: Actually the 47 will display twice the range, suckering the crew.

Data: How do you know this?

Mav: Well you see I..

Goose: AHEM

Mav: ...I mean "we," have been up against the "20"

Data: And where was that?

Mav: It's classified.  If I tell you, I have to test you on it.

Data: Oh yeah!!!   $%@  you!!!! [standard fighter pilot response]

Data: OK, Gentlemen, it's time for your first flight.  Remember the hard deck on this one is 100 feet. [Amazingly, the min altitude at George was a mind numbing 100 feet above the ground. However, the forces of evil, including Barrett, later restricted us to 300 feet for safety.] Everybody CHUMMED [updated] their VR-1217 maps? [Visual Route 1217 was the most boring low level around...so everybody seemed to love it. AGHH!] Okay! Let's go get 'um!

Mav: Goose, I forgot my map!

Goose: Don't worry, I've got it memorized.

Goose: [counting down to release altitude for a bomb] Ready, Ready, Pickle!

Mav: I can't get the green cross in the red reticle [this was an excruciatingly difficult bombing system only in the F-4G]

Goose: We're below pickle [release] Mav! Come off dry...RECOVER!

Goose: Do the TSEM! Do the TSEM! [the Turning Safe Escape Maneuver was a mundane maneuver, out of which was created a string of practices, check outs, and other hoops to jump through.  Anything new was "magic" at George.]

Mav: I can't! I haven't been checked out yet! What's the backup?

Range safety officer: Foul, Two! [Mav has gone below the minimum safe altitude]