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Commander [Tom Lillis, a great fighter pilot]: Maverick, you've lost your flight lead status four times [almost true] and been put in hack twice by me [untrue...it was Ron Barrett, not my favorite ops officer] You need to be doing it cleaner and better than anyone else!  I've got to do something here, I still can't believe it, I've got to send you two turkeys to "Shotgun."  [SHOTGUN was a code word used when shooting an AGM-35 SHRIKE anti-radiation missile] I've got to give you your dream shot.  Mover was first, he lost it.  Again.  Now you're first.

Mav: You mean???

CO: That's right.  You boys are going to the "I" course! [George had an Instructor course as well as the basic Wild Weasel course.  Tom Lillis had chosen me to be an instructor and then return to the squadron (unheard of since most I course grads stayed at the school) but Barrett soon after taking charge, cancelled my class. We didn't get along to well.]

[My 88 Jeep drives from the 563rd one block to the 562nd training squadron]

Briefer: Good afternoon Gentlemen, and welcome to the "I" course, or "Shotgun." You have been selected as the top 1% of Weasel pilots and EWO's, or the "best of the worst." Here you will train in the most tactical environment in all of TAC [Tactical Air Command] . Please pick up your copies of GAFB Sup 1 to 55-4 [a local flying reg], Vols I and II.  Vols 3 and 4 will be available tomorrow AM.  There will be a test on 55-79 TAC Sup 1 at 0800. [At George, I took more queep (non-combat administrivia) tests than any other assignment].

Mav: Standard. [Any obnoxious thing was labeled "Standard" at George]

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